Feeling Whole

feeling whole.jpg

As a society we’re anxious and addicted. 🍸🚬🍫💋📱

One of the reasons we’re so anxious is our almost compulsive desire to control... To control our environment, our journey, our emotions, and if we’re being really honest, at times the people we interact with. Why do we do this though?

It all stems from a lack of trust and feeling of wholeness within ourselves. When we seek in the external to source what we yearn to feel inside, we will always fall short. We will never be satisfied because we’re aiming at a moving target…. Just ask anyone who got ‘the job’, ‘the house’, ‘the body’ how they feel 6 months later. 🤔

Rather than look at our anxiety squarely in the face, we routinely numb, distract, and disconnect from ourselves thinking it will disappear.

We drink too much, spend hours on our phones mindlessly scrolling, eat crap that will stimulate just the right pleasure receptors in our brain so we don’t have to actually feel what we’re feeling, and date people we aren’t interested in to pass the time… but the anxiety always comes back. ALWAYS.


Because we haven’t dealt with the root cause of it all so we’ll never be able to drink, smoke, eat, or fuck it away. Because it’s all about us and our perception of ourselves. Because to make it go away we need to understand where it’s coming from in the first place and in order to do so we have to open doors that are painful.

We have to learn to sit with our discomfort and learn what it’s been trying to tell us all along. We have to let go of this notion that we can actually control anything other than the way we react to what life throws at us. We have to embrace the fact that we have a responsibility to ourselves above all else and most importantly, we have to focus more on the process rather than the idea in your head about what it ‘should already look like by now’.

When we do, we’ll start seeing that much of our strife isn’t actually real but a product of the stories we’ve decided either consciously or subconsciously to tell. We’ll see that we have a choice to adopt a new narrative and we’ll see the Truth in choosing to run with the one where as the protagonist we’re already whole...Not perfect, just whole.

On that day, you’ll no longer need to numb out or sedate yourself because your anxiety won’t own you anymore. She’ll visit once in a while but her trips will be shorter and fewer and farther in between. You’ll start seeing her as a friend rather than foe because she’ll remind you to remember who you really are and to re-commit to yourself to your process. You’re already whole baby, you just have a tendency to forget that.

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it! 😉