My name is Mona Green and I've been waiting for you.

I'm a born explorer and after decades of introspection and fifteen years studying the concept of happiness, I have found and would like to share with you a fundamental truth: we are all extraordinary and have a mixture of skills, character, experience, beauty, and value that only we possess. If used correctly, these things can create magic in our lives!

Another truth? I was put here to help people get back in touch with themselves, get happy, and create lives they can be proud of.  I am determined to change the world one confident person at a time.

In order to do so I've undergone intense and thorough training to become the coach I am today. My journey started in 2003 with a certification in HIV/AIDS test counseling and later took me to The World Bank where I wrote a book on organizational dynamics. Today, I am certified in Core Energy Coaching by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in order to help people like you take control of their lives effectively in a proven, structured, and methodical way.

One more thing...

If we work together, I want you to know that I'm not a traditional coach. I haven't worked in human resources, I'm kind of allergic to corporate America (even though I know her well), and I don't lead a particularly conventional lifestyle. I'm a highly creative, desperately musical, intrinsically entrepreneurial, out of the box, and get in your face if I need to kind of gal. With me, you will experience no bullshit and most importantly, no judgment.

Working with me is fun. Working with me is eye-opening and challenging.  Most of all, working with me is worth it.

Still wanna know more?

Top 10 Facts About Me You Should Know if We're Going to Work Together...


  • I identify as an entrepreneur and artist. I’m what my friends call a pragmatic hippie—successful, business minded, yet incredibly sensitive, creative, and empathetic.


  • I’ve been everything from driver, pharmaceutical rep, published author, marketing director, investor, and CEO to professional singer and successful prime time tv personality/producer. Because of this, I can probably understand and relate to at least a part of what you’re going through at work.


  • I’ve had the blessing of calling 10 different countries my home and have traveled in all continents except Antarctica. I think that travel is the best education because it exposes you to points of view that may be totally different than yours but are just as valid. I speak 4 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, and French) and have happy clients all over the world.


  • I am a born student and believe you should never stop looking for opportunities to learn. I am a professional coach but am always on the lookout for ways to improve my skills and continue my personal and professional development.


  • I've dealt with loss and know how it can change everything. I lost my father to Alzheimer's disease 6 years ago and am still processing what it means and how it affects me every day.


  • I’ve made just about every mistake in the book. SERIOUSLY. Thankfully, mistakes are wonderful teachers. The most important lesson I learned? As your own self-awareness grows, your judgment of others slows. I will never judge you for your mistakes, I will help you learn the lessons they bring.


  • I have three names: Jenniffer, Mona, and Nena. One is my legal name, one is what my friends call me, and the third is the one that I use for my artistic ventures. (more on that below)


  • I read. A LOT. That means that I can recommend other points of view to help guide you in your journey if you're into reading too.



  • I too feel stuck sometimes. To gain some perspective, I have a coach myself and am lucky to have a network of peers to help in virtually any field. If we do a session and don’t vibe well, I’ll be happy to refer you to someone else. The point of you being here is that you get the help that you need, regardless of where it comes from!

Wanna see if we are a coach - client match made in heaven?

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