'Each man's life represents a road toward himself.' - Herman Hesse


and Sometimes that journey into yourself is facilitated by a journey elsewhere...

You see, sometimes what you need to really step out of your comfort zone emotionally is to step out of your comfort zone physically. By leaving behind your home, your friends, and all of the things that you relate to as 'normal' and comfortable, you also leave behind many of the 'comfortable' limiting beliefs, judgments and perspectives that may be holding you back from making the changes that you want in your life.

Travel does that. It provides lessons in context and humility, it challenges you to open your mind, and it allows you to connect with an almost childlike sense of wonder that we oftentimes lose as adults. For this reason, we have designed and facilitate one-on-one and small group retreats in different locations around the world for people who are looking to dive deep into themselves and discover this beautiful planet that we live on in an unconventional way.

On a Namasme retreat you will get many of the basics that you expect from a retreat like yoga, nutritious food, meditation, and coaching. However, our retreats are also specifically designed to help you connect with your core and that also means doing activities that will also engage your curiosity, your sense of adventure and your joy.... be it a challenging hike up an active volcano, an ecstatic dance session with 150 locals, a visit to a spiritual master to engage in a ritual, an hour-long scooter ride to a hidden beach or a cooking class led by a village grandma.  The idea is to help you connect with yourself but also with the magic that is all around us so you can remember to incorporate it into your every day life. 

If you're looking for a 5 star luxury retreat experience where you will be doted on by staff at a retreat center where you'll spend all of your time isolated from the world, Namasme retreats are probably not the best option for you. We believe that it's impossible to have a truly satisfying life inside of a bubble and our approach to personal development reflects that.

All retreats are tailor made for each person to ensure maximum enjoyment so if you want to connect with your sense of adventure and a new destination's people and culture while sorting out your internal world, book at discovery call with us so we can chat!

We're currently booking retreats in: Bali.