Celebrating a Win with Tamara Mellon

A couple of weeks ago when I had the opportunity to co-facilitate two workshops at Tamara Mellon with my college friend and fellow coach Carol for Tamara herself and most of the staff of the company. The topic? How to Silence Your Inner Critic. From a professional and personal perspective, that was a big day for me and worthy of some celebration. Why?

Firstly, Tamara Mellon is a company dedicated to making beautiful things, yes… but it’s also one that uses its platform to advocate for gender equality, women’s empowerment, and other social justice issues like immigration. It’s a luxury brand that actually cares about more than just profit and to me, that’s a beautiful thing. Why? Because sometimes we forget that beauty is a language. A powerful one at that and one that can be leveraged positively to shift our perception when used mindfully. In an industry notorious for not caring about or ignoring the bigger issues, they’re purposefully going there… even if it means raising some eyebrows and losing a customer or two. In times like these, courage is it’s own form of currency and these ladies are making investments where it matters most.

Secondly, the people we worked with! I deeply admire Tamara as a human, creative mind, and tenacious business woman. What she did as founder of Jimmy Choo and what she’s doing today with her team with this, her namesake brand is nothing short of remarkable. The fact that Jill, the company’s CEO, was who reached out to bring our workshop to their people speaks volumes about how they care and invest in the well being of their employees and the quality of their leadership.

Thirdly, it was a great reminder of how good it feels to work with companies who I feel are aligned with my values and that some beautiful doors are opening for me at this point in the life of Namasme and lastly, it gave me an opportunity to merge my music with my work once again…blurring the line between both just a little bit more and in the process making me a happy little clam. This is good and giving me all sorts of crazy ideas of what I want to do/create moving forward. Stay tuned y’all. This is bound to get all sorts of weird and wonderful.