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Are you in Dubai or will you be there on the 28th of this month? If so, please join us for:

Happiness is an Inside Job: A Salon Style Dinner/Workshop

The scoop:

At their core, success and happiness are an inside job.

Gone are the days where we glorify burnt out and overly stressed yet financially successful people. Gone are the days where we think that we will achieve fulfillment by merely ‘checking off the right boxes’… You know, the “right” job/relationship/flat/number in the bank. 

We suffer from “I’ll be happy when…” syndrome because we’ve been taught that our happiness lies outside of ourselves. For this reason, we also fall pray to a lot of self-judgment and we judge each other unfairly. At the end of the day, we’ve built a society that has essentially outsourced our definition of personal satisfaction and we’re suffering from it. 

Fortunately, if we do the work, that stops with us. We’re the generation that is waking up to the fact that we’ve been sold an illusion that makes being authentically happy pretty much impossible because it systematically teaches us to ignore who we truly are and what we really want for the sake of fitting constantly changing norms. 

The world needs more happy, healthy, and whole people. The only way for us to get there as a community is by looking inside of ourselves and starting to ask the right questions. We need to start living more intentionally and we need to start living for ourselves so we can be better to each other.

You can have all the talent, connections, money, or beauty in the world and still not feel fulfilled if you’re lacking in self-awareness, self-confidence, and not standing in your personal power and truth... If your lack of self-worth or insecurities prevent you from pursuing opportunities and putting yourself out there AUTHENTICALLY… If you’re denying who you really are to please other people. 

You see, in order for a person to be authentically successful or happy, he/she has to feel that and believe in themselves. They have to drop the societal narratives that no longer serve them… He has to own his power and create his experience. She has to be confident and clearheaded. They both have to learn how to to face their fears and win. 

At the end of the day, where there is turmoil in our internal world, there is likely turmoil in our external one. For that reason, we want to help you master a crucial part of your internal game… Your relationship with your inner critic and your relationship with fear.

Join us for an intimate dinner time get together/workshop designed specifically for you to start changing the conversation you are having with yourself about the life you lead and the future you want to build. 

If you allow it to and fully commit to the process, it could be life changing!


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