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Meeting of the Meufs Paris : The Show and Tell Edition

Are you a strong and independent woman in Paris? Interested in meeting some powerful women and learning something new? Join us for our first ever Meeting of the Meufs: The Show and Tell Edition!

As this is our first gathering in Paris, we will be participating in our very own version of show and tell much like some of us did in school growing up. This means all participants will bring something or someone that they would like to share something about... A piece of jewelry that has a cool story behind it, a friend and the story about how they met, an African mask from a trip, their favorite lighter, whatever! The idea is to get all of us to share something fun, break the ice and learn about each other in a somewhat unconventional way.

Women are very powerful creatures. When they get together with an open mind, an open heart, and in support of one another, magic happens. Join us and be part of that magic!

Snacks and drinks will be provided but feel free to bring whatever you'd like. For address information, please send us a note through our here.