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Brain Brunch: The Good Samaritan Edition

Enough complaining. Enough passive acceptance of what we know can be better.

It's time to create the reality that we want to see in the world and have fun while we do it. It's time to prove that doing right by your community doesn't have to be boring. It's time to inspire others to get off their asses and do the same... at Brunch!

Brain Brunch: The Good Samaritan Edition will be broken down in three parts:

The Deed - We’ll gather in a specific location somewhere in NW at 11am SHARP. We’ll powwow. Each Bruncher will receive a task and specific instructions for what will go down between 11:15am - 12:15pm. We will walk from the meeting place to the secret location and will devote the next hour to making DC a better and more livable place for the community. How? I won’t tell you. Just know that it’s going to be super fun and trust that it will be worth it.

The Meal - Fresh organic local Ingredients coupled with sustainably grown and environmentally friendly fare from all over the world. If Benetton made food, our spread would look like an ad for them. Because it’s Brunch, there will also be booze. In this case, we will support local winemakers and craft breweries as we enjoy refreshments in the summer sun.

The Discussion- It wouldn’t be Brain Brunch without some thought provoking discussion. After we finish being good samaritans and as we re-group and have a delicious picnic, we will discuss what it felt like to do The Deed (get your mind out of the gutter please!) and the changes that we would like to see in the world. At the end of the day, each of us has something positive to contribute. Let’s brainstorm ways to make it happen and figure out a way to hold each other accountable for the change we want to see. To see the change we have to be the change.

Being the change starts with a choice followed by a commitment. Commitments imply action and follow through. It’s time to put your time, energy, and money where your mouth is! You’ll finish your weekend on a high note and you’ll take home with you a badass gift to remember the experience by. 

On another note, if you take yourself too seriously, aren’t willing to shake it in public, hate the District, and only enjoy processed food this might not be the event for you.

If that's not you, join us and help us make DC more beautiful and your life richer by buying your ticket below! (We only have room for 15 peeps so act quickly!)

*All proceeds of Brain Brunch go towards paying for the event itself.