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Meuf Night DC: How to Defeat Self-Judgment

We are always our worst critics.

We all have our own version of I'm not good enough and it shows up often in our every day lives and prevents us from pushing boundaries and going after the life we really want to lead. Truth is, more dreams die because of fear than anything else. We all at some point fear we aren't capable, smart, beautiful, young, (insert attractive characteristic) enough and that negative self-talk keeps us in a box we have no business being in. We play small and we are afraid to create in that space.

But what if we could learn to silence our inner critic? What if we could make peace with who/where we are so we could spend our energy building our new self/life rather than feeling like crap about our current situation?

Well, it's hard but it's doable and very much worth it. Join us in Washington, DC to find out how! 

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