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6 Steps to Defeating Your Inner Critic @ The US Department of State

‘I’m not effective enough.’

‘I don’t have enough experience.’

’I’m not attractive enough.’

‘Who am I kidding here?’ 

We all have that voice. The one that creeps up on us and makes us feel insecure. The one that keeps us from pursuing opportunities that we want or simply makes us feel like crap every time we look in the mirror or go on Facebook. You know, the one that won’t ever go away because she comes from you. The phrasing may be different every time we hear it but the message is the same…

‘You are not enough.’

But why is that voice there? Where did it come from and how can we get rid of it? After all, we have better things to do with our time and energy than waste them on self-judgment, don’t we? 

Ladies, it’s time to meet and defeat your inner critic! 

Please join us for: 6 Steps to Defeating Your Inner Critic, a wellness workshop hosted by Jenniffer Green, founder and CEO of Namasme at the State Department. (For address and other details, please send us a note at

Being a woman in the workforce can be one of the most challenging personal development projects that you can take on as an individual and it’s easy to put yourself on the back burner when you have a million things to do and others to worry about. Doing so, however, can cost you your health, your relationships, and even your business so don’t fall into the burnout trap!

Join us and put yourself back on the map and practice some delicious self-care!