Because Sometimes What You See is More Interesting Than What You Have To Say...

In life you have to learn to pick your battles.

Proofreading this week's post and scanning through my pictures, I realized that what I saw at the Hirshhorn Gallery during a client session was far more interesting than what I wrote for you this week. To honor that and to share the experience with those of you who don't live in Washington DC and aren't able to visit the exhibits, here are some of my favorite pieces in the gallery. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

The pieces above are compelling visually, conceptually, and contextually. We see everything from an examination of nature to math to political and social commentary. Can this museum get any cooler?!

Hopefully this post inspires you to stay curious. To keep exploring. The earth isn't going to stop spinning for us to notice that the world we live in is a wondrous place!




(I picked Alt-J's Tesselate as the song this week because of the folk inflected dub-pop vibe but also because of the obvious reference to geometry. It's a wonderful track to listen to when you're thinking about something that requires concentration but don't want to resort to study music. Try it!)