Here's what some of my amazing clients (former and current) have to say about our experience together:

Julieta T., 40, Singapore, Singapore

"Jenniffer helps you understand your true potential, challenge limiting beliefs and define, embrace and be committed to bold goals and an inspirational life vision. She is an outstanding professional who leads you through your transformational journey with unbelievable enthusiasm and commendable determination." 

Michelle M., 28, Annapolis, MD

"I feel like written words cannot express how grateful I am to have found/worked/connected with you. You are like a chick version of Buddha wrapped in what I imagine to be a wonderful hodgepodge of epic dance parties, late night karaoke and watching the sunrise on the beach with your best friend. All of which I wish I could keep in my back pocket for reference when the going gets tough .. UNTIL I remember the greatest thing I learned from our work together: that all of this is inside ME. Sayyy whaaaaaat. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience!"

Nicole S., 33, Washington, DC

"I’m convinced that Jenniffer is an angel. An angel with a good sense of humor and laser sharp intellect. Before I met her I constantly worried about things that I realized aren’t important and wasted way too much of my energy trying to be what I thought I ‘should’ be instead of what I really wanted for myself. I was too afraid to even think of other possibilities until this wonderfully funny, latina tornado came into my life and helped me see through the crap. I kept finding myself in dead-end relationships with the same type of jerks over and over again. I desperately needed a wake up call and I needed a plan. Working with Jenniffer I have been blessed to not only receive those two things, I now feel like I’ve also gained a friend."

Charlie H., 27, Washington, DC

"Jenniffer’s energy is infectious. Her passion and open-mindedness are really refreshing and inspiring. Even though I’ve never been able to open up to people easily, I find talking to her is easy and has helped me discover stuff about myself that was holding me back.  I was skeptical when we first started working together because we are very different but her direct and honest approach won me over and has left a deep impact on my life. I feel like I’m a better version of myself every day. I'm making more money than ever and have a new job that I love because of Jenniffer. The words ‘thank you’ are simply not enough."

Alex F., 24, Miami, FL

"It sounds really cheesy but I’m pretty sure my life is divided in two: Pre-Jenniffer and Post-Jenniffer. I’m living proof that if you want change bad enough and are willing to work for it, you can do whatever you want as long as you have the right support and a good strategy moving forward. After graduating from college and feeling frustrated with no direction, Jenniffer helped me regain the confidence I needed to get clear and land the job I never thought I could. Her wisdom and support are worth way more than you’ll ever pay for her services. She is an unbelievable woman."

Carmen S., 35, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

"I started this whole thing thinking, 'Holy crap! This is a lot of money to just talk to someone about my problems.' As a stay at home mom, I felt guilty about spending that much money on myself. After our second session though, I knew that it was going to be worth every penny and you have yet to prove me wrong. You know so much about so many different things it’s amazing. You’ve helped me clarify and simplify. Sometimes I get the feeling that you know more about me than I do myself! You really are a ninja. Thank you. This has been the best investment I’ve ever made."

Lauren S., 27, Fairfax, VA

"Jenniffer helped me see that I was allowing my self-doubt and insecurities ruin my relationships. Luckily, the intervention came just in time for me to do something about it and I have turned things around drastically. Can’t wait to see what other life lessons I learn during this process."

Kate S., 28, McLean, VA

"Too 'normal' for therapy but too 'fuzzy' to function properly? If you want to get your act together, call Jenniffer. She makes the awkward conversation you have to have with yourself interesting and surprisingly fun."

Ahmed T., 33, London, England

"Jenniffer is the most perceptive, intelligent, cultured, woman I’ve ever met. She is also one of the kindest human beings I know. She’s always trying to help in whatever way she can. She’s a star. Inside and out."

Piero M., 32, Rome, Italy

"Since I started working with Jenniffer I’ve noticed improvements in just about every area of my life. I thought I just needed clarity on career related issues but it turns out I had other areas that needed improvement too. I’m convinced that 2015 is going to be the best year of my life! Don’t get me wrong, this was one of the most difficult things I've ever done but I'm grateful I did and that she supported me the whole way. Ps. Ask her to share some music with you. She has impeccable taste!"